Apart from exotic food and memories of war, the Vietnam city of Ho Chi Minh, has a lot more to offer for you. Take a look the top reasons for you to visit Ho Chi Minh City this holiday season –


Witness the French influence during your visit to the Ho Chi Minh City, as you walk along the buildings and structures in the downtown area. You will find beautiful boulevards and historic French colonial architecture in this city, City hall building being one of the most alluring.


Another reason for you to visit the Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam is to enjoy a luxury Saigon river tour. Your tour to the Cu Chi tunnels will give you an opportunity to be a part of the Saigon river tour by speedboat. The Saigon river tour offers you a chance to see varied lifestyles and culture surrounding the metropolis area.


The Ho Chi Minh City is world widely popular due to the Cu Chi tunnels that were used by the Vietnamese soldiers during the Vietnam War. This is a big reason for you to plan your trip to the Ho Chu Minh City this holiday season. The Cu Chi tunnels tour will give you an insight into the reality of war, by giving you an opportunity to explore the tunnels insight out. Your trip to the Cu Chi tunnels will be a guided tour where you will even get a chance to have a firsthand experience of firing an AK-47!


One of the highlights of your visit to the Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam is going to be your day trip to the floating markets in Mekong Delta. During this trip you’ll get a chance to ride in the traditional Sampan boat and experience the unique cultural life in the Mekong Delta. Here you will also get to try local food served on mobile cafes, surrounded by a relaxed ambience. Mekong Delta is quite popular in Vietnam due to its rich biodiversity that protects more than 10,000 newfound biological species. The best time to visit the Mekong Delta is in the early hours of the morning when you will encounter local sellers, selling their fresh fruits and vegetables from their boats.


Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam- August 12, 2014: Ancient helicopter of United state army display at Vietnamese War Remnants Museum, museum keep history evidence of war time for Saigon, travel

Last but not the least, the War Remnants Museums in the Ho Chi Minh City, makes it worthwhile to visit this part of Vietnam. This museum will take you back in to the history of the Vietnam War and definitely open your eyes to its atrocities. The War Remnants Museum is quite popular with Western tourists. Earlier known as the ‘Museum of American War Crimes’, the War Remnants Museum is one place that will let you know everything you need to know about the atrocities of the Vietnam war, and this is something that makes it a place worthwhile visiting.