Excited about your trip to the Cu Chi tunnels in Saigon this holiday season? Well, check out our list of some really useful travel tips to visit this place that can help make your trip more convenient and fun

When is the best time to visit Cu Chi Tunnel?

The best time to visit the Cu Chi tunnel in Ho Chi Minh city/Saigon, Vietnam, is December to April. The summer season would be quite hot, and the rainy season that usually starts from May to November is more likely to interrupt you visit to the tunnels of Cu Chi. Although, the rains do not make the tunnels flooded, but there are chances that you may feel a little less comfortable due to the muddy surroundings. So, you must plan your visit to Saigon in the dry months of December to April, to make the best out of your Vietnam trip.

What to expect at the Cu Chi Tunnels?

The Cu Chi tunnels were originally built during the war with the French colonists that lasted from 1945 to 1954. The Cu Chi tunnels tour will make you relive the war zone, as the tour gives you an opportunity to explore the actual sites where the Vietnamese soldiers built their shelters. A visit to the complex multilayered tunnels will help you experience what actually life was like during the war. So be ready to feel the war zone come alive during this trip, as you get a chance to go back into history. It is going to be a trip filled with adventure, thrill, and a whole lot of human narratives that will tell you the real story of war!

What to wear?

There is no specific dress code to wear while visiting the tunnels of Cu Chi, but try and wear something that you wouldn’t mind getting dirty. During your Cu Chi tunnels tour, you’ll be going underground, making you more likely to get your clothes a little dirty. So be a little mindful while choosing what to wear for this adventurous trip! Also, see to it that you pick clothes and shoes

(Preferably sneakers) that make you feel comfortable as there will be a lot of walking around involved during the tour.

How to ensure your safety?

Make sure that you hire a local tour guide to make your Cu Chi tunnels tour safe and convenient. Going alone in the tunnels can be risky as it is dark inside with lower oxygen levels at some places. The maps won’t come handy, if there is no light. There are also passages in the tunnels that are quite narrow as to allow only one person to move at a time. Hence, it is ideal to hire a local tour guide to make your trip less stressful and more fun and exciting. Also, do not go into the tunnels if you are claustrophobic or have high-blood pressure, although, you can enter the larger dug outs if you want.